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Miccosukee festival

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I was off on Monday, so I went down the trail to the Miccosukee festival.
I don't see any need to go next year, because during the past five years I have seen it, it has been all the same. No change whatsoever. Not many vendors in my opinion either. Been there, done that.

I go there mainly because an herbal lady is always set up, and I can get some sassafras.

William Hardjo was there selling his flutes. I have a flute that is only played a long way out of earshot of any other human being. So I got his instructional video.

There was a Cherokee guy there from Atlanta, Diamond Go-Sti, who set up a living history interpretation camp. Much of his stuff looked very good, although his bark shelter needs some work to make it water tight. I don't know why he had a tipi there either, since that is not Cherokee. (Maybe I should have asked him.) But, he has some good stuff. He is of the opinion, as it seems most enrolled members of the tribe, that if you don't have a plastic id card in your wallet showing you as an enrolled member of a tribe, then you aren't Native American. Anyway, that is a discussion for another time because I don't want to take a side track discussion on that subject right now. I think it is great what he is doing, because there are very few Natives who do historical interpretation from 200 years ago and have a good set-up.

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Withlacoochee in 1835, or the disaster on the first campaign during the war. I have said enough about that in the past, so I want to talk about the battle of New Orleans instead.
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