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What a day!

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Rick O reminded me of a few things I forgot in the history of Seminole reenactors, so I need to add a few things. Next chapter will be about the rise and fall of antichrist of Seminole reenacting. I think you will find my spin on it most interesting, and a few things brought to light that are not commonly known. Maybe by happenstance or something else, I have been lucky to be where I have, finding out a lot of interesting background details about things.

Now about today.

I love working at the park; who wouldn't? Beautiful royal palms, great animal habitats. Saw a couple manatees yesterday.

Unfortunately some people don't know how to behave out in God's creation. People are worse than animals sometimes. Some I call "pig people." Don't get me wrong, because overall, I have a great time talking to many of the interesting visitors. But it doesn't matter if you have 5 or 50 people in the campground; you are bound to have a group of teenagers or twenty-somethings who will trash the place and crap in the shower. I just don't get these people. I wonder if they do the same in their house--leave trash everywhere and soil their tub. Probably so. I pretty much have a good idea who made the mess, but by the time I find it, they are gone from the park. Part of our job is to help people understand the world they are in, and to educate them on preserving and protecting our environment. Many will gladly comply when educated, but not everyone listens.

Then tonight I got a call about 10 p.m. Someone had struck and killed a black bear on the highway 41, out the front gate. This makes me really sad. People feel they need to go 90 mph at night down the highway, and the animals just can't get away fast enough. Then the person coming the other direction will have their high-beams on and not know how to turn them off, and you are totally blinded.

I really get upset when one of my animals gets killed outside the park. This is their home, and they don't have much other places to go anymore to escape mankind. (Mankind--that's an oxymoron.) The raccoons and opossums get hit all the time, but I get upset when it is a species that is not as common, like otter, bear, bobcat, hawk, or panther.

If I had my way, I would put gates up and close off highway 41 at night. People don't have any reason to barrel down the two-lane highway at 90 mph at night through prime animal habitat.

Oh, and also, the local politicians and developers just took away the scenic highway designation from highway 41/Tamiami Trail. This road has some of the most beautiful vistas in the state in Big Cypress and the Everglades. Go figure.

My plea is for people to understand the world around them. Learn about the natural world. Learn about who they are, why they are here, and their place in the world. Learn how to be part of the world and not destroying or dominating it. If our natural environment ceases to exist, mankind will too.
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