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Mrs. Montgomery

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One of the tragic events of the 2nd Seminole War was the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery at the Battle of Martin's Point, on the Wacahoota Road on December 28th, 1840. Her husband was Lt. Alexander Montgomery, and they had only been married for three months.

It was a nice day, like today, so she decided to go along for a ride from Micanopy to Fort Wacahoota. The Seminoles ambushed the small caravan and killed most of the soldiers, and Mrs. Montgomery as well. The death of a young lady like this spread in newspapers across the country, and the political reaction from Washington was immediate.

The result was a change in tactics, that infantry would not be riding horses, and no less than 30 soldiers. Lt. Sherwood was blamed for his lack of judgment and being lax on his guard, but it is always easy to blame the dead man.

And the public tide was turned against the Seminoles in the war. If there were any Americans who felt sympathetic for the Seminoles to remain in Florida, most all sympathy had gone by this time in the war.

This was one of many examples of the bloody brutality of war. Yes the Seminoles were not all taken out of Florida, but the cost was very high. At the end of the war, only 10 percent remained in Florida. And they became the scorned of the earth. Even 100 years later, there were ranches on Florida who gave orders to their men to shoot on sight any Seminole they saw.

Remember those who died on both sides, because there were many who mourned.
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