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Today in 1835

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December 28th, 1835. Dade and his men were wiped out by the Seminoles. So much of the war's history seems to be focused on that event. There were be a memorial at the park Sunday afternoon. And the battle reenactment will be next weekend.

This year I will not be at the battle reenactment. I have too many reasons not to go, so I decided to skip it all together. Although I will miss seeing everyone. I decided I needed a break from it.

So I will be at Paynes Creek the following weekend. Only half the driving distance for me, and a lot less expense. I decided to pick the event that was much easier for me to do. This will be one of only two events that I am planning to attend this year.

The other event that I plan to attend will be Fort Cooper, and that is it. I work most weekends, so I only plan on attending events that will not be a drain on me.

I don't plan on doing the Swamp Safari either. Last year after the Swamp Safari, I ended up in the hospital after the event.

The park campground is full and I have been so busy at work that I don't stop for a lunch break. After getting a bucket load bitching thrown in my face this weekend, I am going to enjoy my time off and visit the Miccosukee festival on Monday. Maybe I will find some good herbs or medicine there. I need more Sassafras and other stuff.
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On December 28th, 2008 09:47 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
sorry you wont' be at Dade this time out. i am thinking of skipping it as well, as i have to be in class 0930 monday morning...that means if i go, i either only go for friday night and saturday and drive straight through sunday, or skip the first day of class and drive up monday. or, i could skip Dade, drive up saturday, stay with a friend in Chattanooga that night, then drive the last three hours or so sunday and get a full, decent night's sleep before the first day of class. and the friend is cute, too. and her mom likes me...and they cook good!
but the chance to see everyone that i won't see until Cooper makes it a tough choice. i want to go to Big Cypress, but i don't know if i will be able to take the time away from class or even be able to afford the trip back...

good luck with the campground this week! i hope things go well for you! take plenty pictures at the Mikosuke festival! i wish i could go to that! i'll be getting as much of my thesis paper work ready this month as i can, since i start the class officially in february. i want to get a jump on things, especially since i want to do a documentary.

if i don't see you before then, i'll see you at Cooper!
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On December 28th, 2008 11:05 am (UTC), seminolewar replied:
From what I have heard from others, it sounds like a light turn-out at Dade this year.

What pretty much turned me off was the long drive on I-75 both Friday night after work, then again on Sunday night so I could work on Monday. If I wanted to try and get some sleep this year, it would mean staying at a local motel in Bushnell, and I can't really afford that. I wouldn't get any rest and come back to work tired. So I wasn't motivated to do the event.
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