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Only about two more weeks!

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Only a couple more weeks until 2009!
I really look forward to a better year.

After my Mom passing away, my cousin a month ago, and my little adorable flying squirrel flying off to the big oak tree in the sky, I am ready for a better year.

But still, I have an uncle and another cousin in bad shape, and the doctor called last night and said I am not doing so hot either. Since she called about 6 p.m. last evening which is a couple hours after the doctor's office closed, I suppose it must be pretty urgent.

Seeing how I have things to do before I kick off, I have to do some lifestyle changes. More walking and more whole grains. And stay off of pasta. The doc said that if I lose 20 lbs, it will go a long way to help things out. The most difficult part will be figuring out a menu, since I do 99 percent of my cooking in the microwave. Of course the doctor would have to call right after I had dinner at China Buffet and ate about 50 lbs of chinese food. (Not something I do often.)
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