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In 2013 the Earth was still here

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The end times panic of the season is now 2012. According to some people, the earth will end by the Mayan calendar at winter solstice, on December 20, 2012. (Or is it December 21st?) Yes, that is what the calendar is saying. But people who know nothing about the Mayans, their astronomy and numerology, are clinging onto this vague notion that it is the end of all things.

Well the Mayans did believe it was the end of the 4th world and beginning of the 5th, but they didn't say anything about death and destruction. In fact, they celebrated the new world that was coming. Shouldn't we?

I have lived through at least three other end-of-the-world scenarios and survived them all. And for all of them, nothing happened. So humanity needs to get off this self-destructive bent and think of a more positive future.

On January 1st, 2000, or Y2K, nothing happened.

When all the planets lined up in a row in 1982, nothing happened.

Then the Christians were saying in the 1970s that Jesus was coming no later than 1988, and it didn't happen. I even had a book by the false prophet Hal Lindsay, titled, "Jesus will come by 1988, and here are 101 prophecies why." (I wish that I still had that book to show people.) In fact, nothing that Hal Lindsay preached ever came to pass.

So after surviving all these prophecies of doom, maybe we have a brighter future afterall. It is time to enjoy being alive. Death will come to us eventually, but individually and not in one mass extinction. Unless by the giant meteorite, like the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Until then, work on being alive instead.
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On December 16th, 2008 06:01 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
i remember the "88 reasons in 88" for Jesus' return being in 1988...never bothered reading it, though. the way i see it, something big may happen, and i believe that there will be a major happening of some sort, but there are many meanings that can be derived from the phrase "the world is ending". but this only gives me all the more reason to live in the right manner, while getting as much out of life as i can! if it's true, i have that much less time to get things done, and if it isn't, then i've done that many more things on my list of things to do in my life - means i get to do more! besides, i have always felt that i am going to be around for a long, long time. the way i figure it, i have at least 86 more years left to play with...before i get shot by a jealous boyfriend! LOL! i'm not going anywhere for a long while, i'll hang on for stubbornness sake if nothing else - there's a lot of people left in this world to annoy! LOL!
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On December 16th, 2008 10:33 am (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Right on!
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