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I ran into a problem with events this year. Dade Battlefield and Paynes Creek are back-to-back. Two events are too much for me, and it is the busy season in the park. You work in a park, you are obligated to work some weekends. After looking at the pros and cons, it is much better for me to attend only one event. I really can't afford two--money is tight. So I will skip Dade this year and just do Paynes Creek. Dade is four hours away, and Paynes Creek is two. I get really wiped out from Dade and never get any sleep, and always have to drive home in the dark to work the next day, and barely make it in the process. Paynes Creek I can arrive early Saturday and set up, and be back home Sunday before too late. It is a no-brainer.

I hope to get to Fort Cooper this year.

I will not be at Big Cypress in February. Pretty much the same situation in February, but with park events. I can't do three festivals in a row. And for other reasons I won't go into right now, I don't plan on going back to that event.
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