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Old Florida Festival This Weekend

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The Collier County Museum in Naples has the Old Florida Festival this weekend.
I will not be able to participate because of work conflicts.

I have to schedule my events months in advance, and did not know about the dates for this one until September.

The dates for the festival this weekend are not Dave's fault either, because he didn't want those dates. The museum Friends organization wanted to bring back the luster of previous years. The problem is that they need to plan more than two months in advance and tell the historical interpreters.

This time of year conflicts with too many other events in November. And when a festival is on a different weekend for the past few years, it makes it almost impossible for anyone to commit to it.

They have plenty of blackpowder for the battle reenactment if anyone can make that.

I am not sure if even Brian or Pedro can make it, because they had the festival at the Seminole Tribe museum last weekend. When you work at parks and museums, it is very hard to pull two consecutive events in a row.

I will try and stop by Saturday evening. I wish them luck, but they have some big hurdles to overcome, placed there by the Friends organization themselves. When the sponsors of the event plan to fail, it probably means the last year of what was once a very good festival.
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