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Fort Meade, Tillis Grave

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I took a trip today to Fort Meade, Florida. It was named after George Meade who was a young officer here in 1849, 1850. Later in 1863, General Meade was commander of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg.
(below) Here is the statue of George Meade at Gettysburg.

And at a city park in Fort Meade, Florida, is this historical plaque at the location of the fort. (Today it is a playground.)

And next to the historical marker, is a larger granite marker put up by the SCV for Stonewall Jackson, who was also here in 1850-1851. I guess they didn't like the name of the fort and town taken after someone who later became a Union General and whipped their butts at Gettysburg. (Get over it, already!)

And to the west of the town of Fort Meade, hiding among the mountains made by the phosphate mining, is the New Hope Cemetery. This remote (and kinda scary looking) cemetery is where the Tillis Family are buried. Here is the grave of Whilloughby Tillis, 1808-1895.

Willoughby Tillis was present at the Battle of Black Point in Alachuca County on December 18, 1835. That was the first battle of the Second Seminole War, which was actually before the war officially started ten days later at Dade Battle. Tillis' brother, Titus Tillis, was killed at Black Point.

Then in 1856, Tillis had moved south to near Fort Meade in Polk County, where his homestead was attacked by Seminoles, in one of the largest battles of the 3rd Seminole War. So he had the unfortunate luck of being in the first battle of the 2nd Seminole War, and a larger battle of the 3rd Seminole War, that lasted about three days, 21 years later.

Here are the Tillis family burials at the cemetery.

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