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History of Seminole Reenacting part 3

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History of Seminole Reenacting part 3

The 1990s—the busiest times for Seminole War reenacting.

The early 1990s was the busiest time for Seminole War reenacting. Plenty of events to go to, newsletters, and the Seminole clothing book available. Looks like we had all the resources available to anyone who wanted to get involved. Not only that, but we were learning a lot more. More museum collections and items in private collections were becoming known. It seemed that a year after the clothing book came out, we learned more about Seminole clothing with more information coming to light in that year, than the previous ten years. A lot of people were doing research, and the outfits were looking a lot better at the annual Dade Battlefield reenactment.

I came back to Florida in 1992 after five years in the Army, during which time Rick Obermeyer was generous to keep me up to date and send me newsletters and information. I had been creating items for my clothing, including finger weaving. I got a job in downtown Orlando a few blocks from the library, which proved to be a valuable source for doing historical research. The library has one of the best genealogical collections in Florida, along with an impressive Florida collection with many original books and historical documents going back to the time of the Seminole Wars.

In 1993 Rick Obermeyer and myself took over the job of printed and sending out The Renegader newsletter. I continued it until 1997. Putting out a newsletter is no easy task, because a lot of times I am left researching the articles, getting everything printed up, and sticking on mailing labels and stamps. In the mid-1990s, the internet became widespread, and it became much easier to just make the information available on a website or board and not have to worry about the printing and mailing part. Much of the information we had in the newsletter can now be found on the internet, and our forum/board at yahoo groups is an extension of that.

In 1996 I started my Seminole War history web page. Now 10 years later, it is still the only comprehensive Seminole War history web page on the internet. I have seen other informational we pages created, but none can compare with the massive amount of information that I have posted. Sorry for the boast, but I believe that I do have bragging rights on this.

I started the web page when I wanted to get out information that I had researched. I was hoping to get it all published in a book, but I didn’t have the connections in the publishing industry. One of the publishing companies that produces Florida books put out a book on Florida Indians by an English professor, that was poorly researched and included major, glaring mistakes. This was the final straw for me, and the incentive to put out what I had researched. I was tired of seeing poorly researched books using faulty sources that contained incorrect information. I found a free web host to put out the information, and am now on my 4th free web host. You can see my work at http://www.tfn.net/~cdk901/

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