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'Puter Down!

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My computer is down, so I am on a friend's machine to write this update.

New exhibit at the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum: Cattle Keepers. About the Seminole history raising cattle. From the time of Chief Cowkeeper in the mid-18th century until today. The $40 catalog is worth the extra moola, and includes photos and interviews not in the gallery. Plus for $2 a copy, a color copy of the 1774 Cowkeeper letter, where Gov. Moultrie is asking Cowkeeper not to kill the British citizen in Florida.

My only complaint about the exhibit is the display text, with dark green background and gray lettering, is hard for me to read. Old age must be setting in and eyesight is going!

Steve Abolt says they had a really wild, awesome time at Fort Washita for the ghost stories last weekend. A sold-out crowd with tickets sold out weeks ahead. Photos of a ghost hand that looked like a real hand but nobody there. Photo of a veiled figure kneeling down in the Confederate cemetery. Disembodied head floating in the trees. Lady was slapped by a ghost that left a bruise. My friend had an EMF thing-a-ma-jig meter that went haywire. It was the spookiest time they have ever had there at one event. I will have to go next year and do the ghost medicine to calm it down again. Steve and I could talk for hours about the ghosts and all the stories we have of that place.

Lots to say but can't cover it all now on short notice.
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