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Ransom Clark Grave

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Okay, just got my photos back.

This is Ransom Clark's grave in western NY state. It is in a small graveyard in the community of Wentworth, south of Rochester, New York.

Ransom Clark's tombstone was replaced by a Veterans Administration stone. I show both the front and back.

The large stone next to Ransom's grave is his father, Benjamin Clark.

Ransom Clark was the first survivor's eyewitness account published after the battle. There are short accounts from Luis Pacheco and Alligator, but Clark's is the most detailed. So the battle reenactment we do at Dade Battlefield each year is really Ransom's story. He is the one that Frank Laumer or Kent Low portray in the narration.

Private Clark was shot five times during the battle and left for dead on the battleground. He crawled back over 50 miles to Fort Brooke. We cannot imagine how that would have been.

Every year for the past 20 years at Dade Battlefield, I am shooting at this guy. (Except the one time I switched sides and played soldier.) When visiting his grave, I felt moved to honor him in the Seminole fashion, as one who portrays a Seminole warrior each year at this battle. I think that he would have appreciated my gesture. I honored him as a brave warrior. I might have been the first from the Seminole side in 170 years to do this at his gravesite.

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