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Osceola Capture Anniversary, October 21st

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If there's any figure and any event recognized by the general public about the Seminoles and the Seminole War, it would be Osceola and his capture under a flag of truce on October 21st, 1837.

I always like to commemorate this date each year because it is such a tragic event that solicits strong emotions and bad feelings about the war. There is much I could say about this episode and Osceola. And the shame continued with Osceola's death and undignified decapitation by the attending physician for a medical souvenir.

But I do have something new to say about the incident that you might not know.

The site of Osceola's capture has been found again.

William Ryan has been researching The Old King's Highway in Flagler County and found the location of Osceola's capture. He details it in his book. Click on the link above to see his two books.

The site was marked in the 1890s. An old surviving veteran of the Second Seminole War was a witness to the event, and showed where it happened. The site was marked with a concrete post that had a brass plaque on it.

Here you can see what the original marker looked like. The date of October 26, 1837 is incorrect.
An incorrect date on a historical marker?! Say it isn't so!

And here is a friend of Mr. Ryan when they found the marker again this past year. You can see that it is in a high, dry area of scrub oak and palmetto. So not very noticeable unless you are specifically looking for it.

Mr. Ryan is working to try and convince our state to help preserve portions of the Old King's Highway that still exist. He is not having very good luck at it. They state is no longer much concerned about historic preservation. The marker was supposedly given a permanent easement for use as a county park, and hopefully it remains that way.
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