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Poison Ivy and other Random thoughts

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Days are getting shorter, and it is almost still dark when I drive around the corner to work. Flying squirrels are up briefly about an hour before sunrise, so I find Stubby figiting in his cage when I am fixing breakfast now.

In fact, between this and the last paragraph, I went and played with the little flying squirrel for about 5 minutes.

This area of Florida should be known as the poison ivy capital for Florida. It is everywhere, and grows as high above the ground in cabbage palms as well as down below. And it is a different type of poison ivy. Very much more powerful. I never had problems with poison ivy until I moved here. I think that it is a worse kind than anywhere else that I have been.

It will take about 4 days for the poison ivy rash to appear. Then it will blister like a very bad 2nd degree burn. Sometimes looks like a chemical burn. We get it the worst when we are cutting and trimming, like this time of year. The sawdust will get flying from the chainsaws, and it will get down the back of your pants, sawdust will get down in your underwear, and you will develop a poison ivy rash on your butt. Most of the time you will have the rash on your arms and legs.

If it gets really serious, you have to go to the doctor and get either a real strong hydrocortisode cream or steroid pills. Usually both. And it doesn't go away quickly. It takes about a month to heal up.

I have had a rash on my arm for about a week from poison ivy.

Well my boss told me what he does for it, and it seems to work. I don't want to go to the doctor everytime I get the PI blisters.

He said try to scrub the area with bleach. I tried it last night, and it is really working. The rash has gone down considerabley from yesterday. I have done it a couple times before, and it seems to work. It doesn't even hurt. Just don't get it in any open wounds, or it will sting.
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