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More News on DeLeon Springs event

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I just talked with a friend who is going to the DeLeon Springs event, the first Saturday in August.

They WILL RE-IMBURSE you with blackpowder. This is because there are some reenactors who attend the events who do not live near a store that sells blackpowder, and it is difficult for them to get otherwise.

Also, parking & modern camping are being done in a field outside the gate, to allow for more cars to enter the park.

At night, you can have your car inside the park near the primitive camp, as long as it is moved and outside the park when they open the gates.

The park manager is Brian Polk, whom I have had the pleasure to know for many years. He has been a living history coordinator for the park system, and is very familiar with the proper amount of powder in each charge. So when someone has a charge that is over-loaded, he will know it, and will probably measure charges before the battle.

If anyone thinks they can get away with 200 or 300 grain cartridges, think again. Anything over 120 grains is way too much, and dangerous. And I am glad that Brian is there, because he will not be fooled by anyone. He use to direct the antique and historic weapons safety course in the state park system.
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