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Hair Wars

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After visiting Harpers Ferry, I was struck with the fact that in history, there was no time like during the American War of Succession in the 1860s that hair went haywire. Beards of unusual length were considered perfectly okay.

Who started this fashion trend? I wonder if it was John Brown? Did Brown start more than an abolitionist movement? Was his idea of a violent slave insurrection a violent hair fashion statement?

Observe these pictures: John Brown before 1859, and during his rebellion at Harpers Ferry.

Robert E. Lee before the war.

And Robert E. Lee during the war.

General Longstreet was known for a very large beard. Longstreet or Longbeard?

Union General Mansfield who was killed at Antietam.

General George Anderson

General James Pettigrew

JEB Stuart

Some not so wild ones, like General A.P. Hill

And some really wild ones.

Jim Lane

General George Crook

And my favorite, General Ambrose Burnside.

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