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Sailing Ship Cruise

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While on my trip to the 1812 Grand Tactical, on Friday I went on a sailing cruise on the ship Kalmar Nycel out of Wilmington, Delaware. It was in port and also took part in the event as one of the naval ships. We went and tacked around Chesapeake Bay.

The Kalmar Nycel is a real operating tall sailing ship that conducts educational cruises. It is a reproduction of a Dutch ship built in 1638 with everything recreated for an authentic sailing cruise. One of the concessions it has to make is that it also has modern safety vests hidden in chests on deck, and modern navigational equipment. Also a motor in case there is no wind. The coast guard requires this for the safety of the passengers and crew.

Participants on the cruise got to do a lot of pulling on the ropes and lines. It was a windy day, so we got our workout to help the ship.

The ship flew five flags. The US flag, the state of Delaware, the Holland flag because that is the country that built the original Kalmar Nycel. The Swedish flag because the Dutch sold the ship to the Swedish military in the 17th century, and the flag from Finland because a lot of Finnish immigrants came on the ship to America. The original ship made several trips between Europe and American during the 17th century.

The ship captain and the first mate are both female. Good looking ones, too. Some of the crew is hired full time, and some are volunteers there for a few weeks. But they don't have enough crew to sail the whole ship, which is where us as passengers help out!

Here are a few banners, with the Maryland flag. The pink one says, "girl pirate." The 17th century ship definitely had the pirate look!

And the ship mascot, the gray calico cat named "Toolbox" because she was born in a toolbox aboard the ship. When they sold souvenirs at the end of the cruise, I noticed that they had one book and one dvd about the ship, and two books about Toolbox!

Here is the captain holding Toolbox.

And the Captain's room. With the mandatory brandy on the table.

And back in port.

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