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1812 Grand Tactical

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I have moved my photos to different folders to organize them better. Because of that, I will not have my postings in the order of what I saw on my vacation. No problem; I will just post what I thought was the best photos or important information on the sites.

About the 1812 Grand Tactical a couple weeks ago: It was well worth the trip, and the best reenactment I have ever participated in. The Sunday battle that lasted about six hours was worth the blisters.

Tavern nights with free ale or stout was good as well.

Unfortunately I don't have as many photos as I would like, because I was running around doing things.

We line up for formation. Red is the musician's color. If they were British, they would have had more decoration.

I like to think of the War of 1812 as the war with big hats. Our commander, Col. Steve Abolt, is the short one in the center.

Saturday's battle. On the left of the line are the Kentucky Militia. They were excellent for the weekend, and all dressed in that backwoods frock coat.

Sunday battle. Ships coming. British making their landing.

Firing at the British across the corn field.

The museum at Jefferson Patterson Park had a display of original 1812 era clothing. On this outfit is leather riding trousers. It is a high possibility that these trousers are from deerskins traded at the Panton-Leslie store by Creeks or Seminoles. At the time, that was the largest source of deer hides used for clothing that was sent to Europe.

If you missed this one (talking to the reenactors / living historians here), I don't have any sympathy for you, because I planned to come to this a year ago. Even with an expensive $500 car repair the month before the event, I still had enough money saved up for the trip. Seeing this and the other historic sites was well worth it. Any event I do in Florida the next year or two will seem lame compared to the 1812-2008 Grand Tactical!

Planning in advance also saved money, because I got a plane ticket for $135 tax included, round trip, a few months ago. I shipped all my reenactment stuff to the park, so all I carried on the plane was a small carryon bag.
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