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Fort Gardiner

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In the center of Florida was the former location of Fort Gardiner. The fort was established in 1837 as part of Taylor's campaign. After the battle of Okeechobee, it served as a hospital. It was named after George Washington Gardiner, Captain under command of Major Dade. (If Dade hadn't come on the trip, Gardiner would have been the commander of the companies that were killed at Dade Battlefield, and it would probably been known as Gardiner Battlefield.) At that remains today is this fort is a historical marker.

The marker is near Lake Wales, Fla., a few miles west of the entrance to Lake Kissimmee State Park. The park is a beautiful area of mostly oak hammock. They have a recreated cattle hunter camp from the 1880's that you can visit on the weekends. Definately worth the visit. Here is Lake Kissimmee seen in the distance from the observation tower.

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