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History during September

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It has been a while since I did some historical dates. Here are some for September:

September 1565--Spanish establish St. Augustine in reaction to the French building Fort Caroline. The French have the most advanced war ships of the day, but when they try to attack St. Augustine, a hurricane comes up and wrecks the ships on shore further to the south. (Probably Cape Canaveral area.) This is one of the many instances in Florida history where hurricanes determine the outcome. In October the Spanish massacre the French survivors.

1812--The Patriot War in Florida. Several Americans, mostly from Georgia, try to establish an American colony in Florida. Their failure is due in large part from lack of support from the federal government. Much of West Florida had been gladly taken from the Spanish the previous 20 year, but now the country was at war with Great Britain, and not about to start another war front in the south. Troops and supplies could not be spared when things are going badly for the Americans on the northern frontier.

The Patriot War involved both the Seminoles, and heavily involved their Black Seminole allies, who wanted no part of the area under American control and slavery. Seminoles and their Black allies destroy the American storehouses at Picolata. They attack an American supply train in the Twelvemile Swamp to the north. Col. Daniel Newnan comes to Florida and ends up under siege by King Payne's warriors for a week, and finally makes a retreat back to Georgia.

September 1813--Americans are in an uproar after Creek Warriors destroy Fort Mimms and kill almost all of the refugees who were seeking shelter there on 30 August 1813. A large number of Creek Warriors are also killed during the attack. One of the most tragic episodes in American history. The worst thing that could ever happen to the Creeks and all the natives in the southeast--Andrew Jackson becomes involved in the war.

18 September 1823--The Treaty of Moultrie Creek is negotiated between the United States and the Seminoles. Later the Seminoles will argue that it was suppose to be in effect for 20 years because of the annuity payments, but the United States actively tries to remove the Seminoles from Florida within ten years. The 2nd Seminole War begins 12 years after the treaty.

18 September 1836--The Battle of San Felasco Hammock near Alachuca/Newnansville.

9 September 1837--Army troops capture King Phillip near the Tomoka River. The following day is the battle of Mosquito Inlet where Uuchee Billie is captured. The war takes a turn for the worse for the Seminoles, as many prominent leaders are captured or killed.

25 September 1841--Seminoles attack an Army escort and supply train near Fort Russell. September attacks and skirmishes are rare, but for some reason they are common all during the war in the month of September in Alachuca and Marion Counties.

September 1852--Chief Billy Bowlegs goes to Washington and meets with President Millard Fillmore. The United States tries to pressure the chief to remove, and the advantages of moving to Oklahoma territory. Bowlegs thinks differently after hearing of the poor treatment of Seminoles out west. The first photographic picture of a Seminole is taken in a studio, of Chief Bowlegs.

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On September 12th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Yo Bro
Didn't know how to put my name on here, so figured to just post. Jones has decided to ride out Ike in his mobile. Well, he knows he can come here anytime he wants and needs too. I really like reading your blog. yer bro, tuklo
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On September 12th, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: Yo Bro
Enjoy yours too. I hope his trailer is anchored down. Mine survived Wilma three years ago, but others weren't so lucky. I did get a wall ripped off and lost the water heater and a/c ducts. So he is really trying his luck. I would get out of there if I was him, because I have seen enough storms and what they can do. Sitting in a trailer with that kind of wind is very scary!
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