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U.S. 7th Infantry Living History Association

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Most Seminole historical interpreters and reenactors are not part of any group. Any effort to organize us into a group or guild in the past has met with failure. We do have a yahoo group, "southeastern culture." That is as much as we have every organized.

But I am a member of one organization, and it is the U.S. 7th Infantry Living History Association. Colonel Steve Abolt (he was promoted in New Orleans last year, for those who hadn't heard) has been the benign dictator of this organization for the past 20 years. Benign dictator, because he is in charge and we don't have elections. And it runs great.

This is the best group for 1812-1848 that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Best for portraying soldiers in the War of 1812, best for Seminole War, and best for Mexican War. Even the best laundresses. They don't do Civil War.

The events and living history programs that I have done with the 7th have been the best anywhere. They have put any events that I have done in Florida to shame. These are the best historical interpreters that I have ever worked with.

I am getting ready to do another event with Steve and the 7th. Wait until you get my report from that one. I will be spoiled from any other event for the next two years.

Facing the British at the 1812 Grand Tactical in Genesee Village, New York, 2006. Here with the 7th are the musicians (in red) and militia.

Steve Abolt talking with his officers in camp at the 1812 Grand Tactical in 2006.

The Fort McHenry Guard doing color guard duty. Another fine outfit from the National Park Service.

You may notice in this last photo, that the officer of the guard is carrying the flag rolled up. That was the proper way for the time period they are portraying. The triangle fold of the U.S. flag, and many of our flag traditions, were adopted in the early 20th century. The flag he is carrying is a hand-sewn 1812 "Star Spangled Banner" garrison flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes.
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