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Cute! Panther Kittens!

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Well things are doing better today. When the birds disappeared and the tree snails moved to the ground yesterday, I was very worried that Gustav might have taken a turn and hit here instead. Still, pray for the people on the upper Gulf coast, from Texas to Florida.

Here are some more photos of the Florida Panther kittens that were in the park in June. The mother has since moved them further north into Picayune Strand State Forest, and further away from the highway. By now, the kitties should be much bigger and running around, not confined to the den. That's a lot of mouths for mom to feed!

When Mark made his way into the twisted morass of the brazilian pepper that was hiding the den, this is probably the first view he saw--four sets of little eyes looking back in the dark.

The den was the purr-fect hiding place for the kitties. Almost impossible to get too! Btw, Florida panthers purr, and I hear that western cougars do not. No one is sure why that is.

Another thing about panthers: When they are little, their eyes are blue--as you see here. They change color when they get older. (I think yellow?)

They are so cute! I would love to have one, but when they get bigger, and it happens very quickly, then they are a lot to manage. Mother cat has a tracking collar on her, and they have to find and visit the den when they determine that Mom is out hunting far away.
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