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Curse of the Batteries?

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I don't know what it is, but in the last week I have known about six car batteries that gave out. Someone theorized that it might be the pressure change of all the hurricanes. I might buy that, because pressure change effects the ability of liquids to dissolve in solids, and since batteries are electrolytes, then it could be related.

Anyway, my truck battery was the first to go. It has been over two and a half years since I got it, and all the car batteries that I have ever had give out around two and a half years. So it was no surprise to me.

Then my co-worker has her battery go out. Her truck is very similar to mine.

No big deal.

Then we had a park vehicle to take to the shop for an oil change. It needed a jump to start, and then at the shop, the battery almost exploded. So after number three, it made me start to wonder.

Then I talked to my friend Earl on the phone, who dropped his son off at college. On Sunday morning, both Earl's motorhome battery and Jeremy's van battery were both dead. Hmmmm.

Then yesterday, I went to work at Fakahatchee for a day. I wonder if they built the park shop and ranger station over an old Indian burial mound like in the movie "Pet Cemetery" because nothing ever goes as planned there. Our plan was to use two tractors to work on Janes Scenic Drive for the day, but we never made it. When I hopped on the tractor to start it up, the battery wouldn't start. Even after an hour later on the charger. So things did not work out for that day either.

So if your car battery doesn't start next time you hop in, you have been hit by the curse of the battery.
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