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Iguana Popsicle Anyone?

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One of the big problems we have in south Florida is exotic removal. We are under constant invasion from exotic species that try to supplant the natives and take over. One example is the brazilian pepper trees, which crowd out ever other plant except more brazilian peppers.

Another problem we have is exotic animals. These are hard to find and remove, because unlike the brazilian peppers, they don't stand still. One example is this iguana, which has become a problem in Marco Island and Goodland, which are right next door. This sucker was nothing by mean, and has spines all over. Fast, too!

I have seen this critter in the park the past few weeks, but he moved too fast to catch. Someone suggested that I try and shoot him. I do have the firepower, but he moved too fast for me to aim, and I did not want stray bullets flying about.

Finally my neighbor-ranger found where he was crawling under her house. Our ranger Henry, being a 70's rock & roll enthusiast, found out that the iguana would run out from under the house when he played "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen on the stereo. So he set up the trap by the hole under the house, cranked up the stereo, and BAM! Caged iguana!

This sucker measured 34 inches from nose to tail, and covered in spines. Don't pick him up with bare hands!

We are not mean and cruel towards animals, even if they are exotic, mean and pissed off like this guy. So the best and painless way to euthanize was the freezer. Iguana-sicle anyone?

Actually some people in Mexico, Central & South America do eat them. I would not suggest it with this guy since he has been crawling out of my sewer pipe.
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On August 25th, 2008 02:55 pm (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
i have often thought about getting a large lizard, and iguanas were one species i was considering. i figured once i finally decided i would come down your direction or marco island and catch one myself, rather than pay an exorbant fee at an exotic pet store...LOL i'll pass on the iguana-cicle, though!
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