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The Quest for True Human Beings

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I got my copy of "Soul Snatchers, A Quest for True Human Beings" by Robert W. Morgan, and am halfway through it. It is pretty easy for me, because I read the first 11 chapters in 2003; it just took Robert five years to find the right publisher and finish his manuscript. You can see more of the book further down the blog and how to order a copy.

Reading through it, I realized how much in common I have with Robert, that it is uncanny. Not only hanging around the same places in Arizona, Florida, Vienna, & Montana, but also on our outlook of many things. Our souls are of the same clan. We have had the same type of experiences and come to the same conclusions on many things. One of these days we need to get together for some beers at the Crystal Palace Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona.

Robert does mention me in the footnotes in the book, but I need to correct him. I have never been curator at Fort Morgan. I did the living history programs and fort tours, and loved it. Our curator there was Mike Bailey, one of the most knowledgeable curators I have ever known, and probably the best in Alabama. So I need to correct Robert on that.

Robert is a great storyteller, and if you read the book you will not be able to put it down. And this book is his experiences, his autobiography. He tells how his search for understanding Sasquatch after seeing one in Washington state led him on a journey that taught him more about us and mankind than anything else. It his search to understand who are the "True Humans" and who are not. The story is full of tragedy of many of the people that helped him on the journey met bizarre and tragic deaths.

The book deals with Native American beliefs and outlook towards life. The unexplained is examined with the Sasquatch people, UFOs and extraterrestrials, shamanism, and rethinking our outlook towards everything.

If we are to survive, we must once again learn to be our True Human selves.

(Below): Robert Morgan with two of the True Human Beings. (Those who know them will recognize who they are.)

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