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Oil in the Everglades

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Most people miss this park along highway 29 south of Immokalee. Just south of county road 858, Oil Well Road, which now goes to the horrid Ava Maria, is this small county park. This area is known as Sunniland, and there is a gas station, some citrus groves, and some old rock mining pits.

Barron Collier who built the Tamiami Trail and developed Collier County, which is named after him, also had the dream of drilling for oil here. I think it was finally found the year he died, in 1939. This was the first place in Florida that had a commercial well, in 1943. I think there are some natural gas wells in the panhandle, but this was the first place where oil was drilled, until 1964.

Like the Seminoles out in Oklahoma who found out that they were sitting on oil wells in the 1920s, the Miccosukees still have an oil well that they get money from each year. You can drive by the Miccosukee well off of Government / Snake Road, a few miles north of the Miccosukee plaze off Alligator alley.

Anyway, here is another view of the Sunniland park.

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