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Willoughby Tillis Grave

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I found where Willoughby Tillis is buried at New Hope Cemetery in Fort Meade.

Willoughby Tillis has the bad luck of being at the first battle in the Second Seminole War in 1835, where he was wounded, and at one of the last major battles of the Third Seminole War in 1856.

I consider the Battle of Black Point on December 18th, 1835, as the first major battle in the 2nd Seminole War. (10 days before Dade's Battle.) A wagon train carrying supplies for the Florida Mounted Volunteers was attacked on its way towards Micanopy in Alachuca County. Willoughby Tillis was one of the soldiers wounded, if I remember correctly. It was a victory for Osceola and the Seminoles who got the wagons.

21 years later and about 150 miles south, Willoughby Tillis had a farm near the Peace River near Fort Meade, in south Polk County. It was now the 3rd Seminole War, and Seminole Warriors tried to attack Tillis' homestead. The ensuing battle is known as the battle of Tillis Farm, and is the most significant battle of the 3rd Seminole war due to the number of combatants involved and the high casualty rate. And it went on for three days. It was not a victory for either side, with no real objectives gained.

After this battle, there were not anymore large-scale battles or skirmishes. There were only five other skirmishes that I know about, and they are more considered to be small raids. They involved small numbers that happened to come across each other and shoot it out, and went their seperate ways afterwards. The only one of these five who comes close to a battle is when Captain Parkhill was ambushed while crossing a creek, and I have mentioned about him previously and on my web page. But nothing to compare to the Battle of Tillis Farm.

Willoughby Tillis died at the age of 82, in 1891.
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