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Some upcoming events

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A friend sent me a list of some events around Florida. The contacts are people who work at the parks / museums, so look them up yourself. I don’t want to post email addresses on the internet because spam harvesters collect them that way.

Upcoming events:

August 5--Day in Florida History--DeLeon Springs state park in Volusia County. Seminole War battle. Previously multi-period time-line. No mention in current info, but there's a new coordinator. No powder, bring your own, they'll give you $10 allowance. Parking and modern camping moved to field outside park. Contact: Donna Collins

Menendez Landing/St. Augustine Birthday festivities. Various events w/different reenactor focus needed starting daily from August 28 (Feast of St. Augustine), through Sept. 2. Landing, mass, procession back to minimal camp at Fountain of Youth. Men of Menendez members will be judges for cooking competition based on supplies listed in Menendez shipping manifest, and documented local supplies available from Natives in area. Afternoon festivities in Spanish Quarter, w/cake cutting. Music downtown in evening. Details to follow. All of this is preliminary build-up to increasing activities to culminate in 2013--500 yr anniversary of Ponce deLeon's discovery or Florida. Contact (call): Michelle Reyna, c/o Fountain of Youth.

December 10, Sunday AM--play w/the governor at Mission San Luis, Tallahassee. 1702-1704. Dedication of new fort, currently still under construction, but slated for completion by deadline. Be on site 9AM. No camping on site. Appx one hour ceremony. Contact: John Powell

1st weekend, February, 2007--16C school, Fort Caroline.

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