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Stubby the Flying squirrel

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I have had my three-legged flying squirrel for a year now. My Dad found him on the ground, almost unresponsive, and nursed him back to health. Since he is missing a landing gear, he can't survive on his own and has problems climbing and with balance. (But he doesn't seem to know that.) He can still climb up the cage and tries to do everything a normal squirrel does.

Dad couldn't take care of him anymore because of Dad's health, so I inherited him. He certainly acts like the usual flying squirrel, and thinks that I am his pet. Like most flyers, he will sit up on a perch in the cage and act like the king of his domain.

He is also the best behaved flying squirrel I have ever had. He only bites me when he thinks I deserve it. He doesn't tear up or chew the furniture. And I have only heard him do his loud chirps twice.

Flying squirrels are awake at night, and can give out loud chirps that you can hear a mile away. Most people mistake them for birds and are unaware of the nocturnal critters.

The time I heard him making the most chirps at night was after I took him to a dinner gathering at the park with the staff and volunteers. The kids loved him (everyone loves him) but all the people probably stressed him out. That night he was chirping away. With my native perspective, I realized that he was doing squirrel medicine. All animals have their own medicine and medicine songs.

I try to let my little critter out each night to run around and explore the room. After his run around, he usually settles in my lap where I have put some towels for him to curl up in. And most nights when he is in my cage, he will sit on a good perch and watch the world. He likes watching out the big window his cage is next too, but I am not able to see what he is looking at in the darkness.

Besides his big cage in the house, my Dad has a couple identical cages. I have a small travel cage, so when I visit my Dad for a long time, he travels in the small cage and gets transferred to the big one when I get up to Dad's house. When I am up at Dad's, he prefers to be in the same room as I am, and stays in the nearest corner during the night that is closest to where I am.

Definitely the friendliest and best behaved flying squirrel I have had.
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On July 30th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
he is a cute little bugger! of all the critters we have ever taken care of, i have found myself really missing a baby possum my wolf hybrid found a few years ago that we took care of for a couple of weeks. i knew at the time we would nit be able to care for him, so i gave him to a friend who was working on a zoology degree and worked at a local animal hospital. i have been seriously thinking of acquiring another baby possum after i finish school. my understanding is that they can be very docile in captivity, and the little guy was rather cute in everything he did, just about. watching him eat with his little hands was particularly amusing. he would pick things up much like a small child with his "hands" and eating them in such a similar way to a human would.
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