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Eileen and Wilmer Aist Passing

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Two (well, really three) long-time members of the CFAS just passed away, Eileen and Wilmer Aist, at Winter Park Towers in Winter Park. The CFAS is the Central Florida Anthropological Society chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society. My Mom was with the CFAS for almost 40 years, also served as a chapter officer, and she passed away four weeks ago.

Eileen and Wilmer kept the CFAS chapter going and was the glue that held it together for 25 or 30 years.

So the FAS is very saddened by the loss of my Mom and the Aist's who worked hard for the organization. My Mom's anthropology work inspired me to participate in the Seminole history and culture research. (And had several good books to start me out, included a first edition of Wilfred Neil's book on the Seminoles at Silver Springs, with a color photo of Charlie Cypress' family as the cover.)

All of these were sweet and generous people who were also very cultured and active in many organizations. They also loved theater, and would attend many culture events at the different art museums around central Florida or at UCF.

My Mom has left behind a huge library of classical literature. More than I can take up since I have my own library. And I think she kept every anthropology book that she has had since her work at the University of Washington (state) in the early 1960s.

I saw Eileen at the June 12th meeting of the CFAS at Leu Gardens in Orlando, and she was diagnosted with terminal cancer the day before. That was the same day my Mom came home and was under hospice care. So it was a sad meeting for all of us, knowing that we would very shortly lose these two dedicated ladies.
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