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Soul Snatchers

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Review of "Soul Snatchers, A Quest for True Human Beings" by Robert W. Morgan, coming out August 2008, Pine Winds Press. You can order a copy today at

"Soul Snatchers" is Robert Morgan's autobiography that takes a roller coaster ride through his search for who the true human beings are. It starts out as a quest for Sasquatch/bigfoot, and soon goes into other areas such as Native American beliefs, or flying to Moscow and meeting a Tibetan lama. He finds a century-old Apache elder who at times is just as infuriating as he is enlightening. And that is just for starters. He explores the legend of the cannibal giant that was entombed in a cave in New Mexico, or the strange blue sky lights that should be avoided at all costs. Sound strange? Strange, but true! Morgan's style of writing will keep you engaged enough that you will refuse to put the book down until finished.

Like myself, you may have grown up in a wonderful, traditional American family. Not the type of people you would expect to wander from accepted beliefs and practices. Suddenly my reality was faced with other things. Things that do not fit in our comfortable paradigm of how the world should be. We can ignore them, but every year more evidence appears to shake our beliefs or snug reality. What do we do about them? Society tried to put it in a box and label it mysterious, paranormal, unidentified, even forbidden—it becomes a circus sideshow. What happens when we see things we should refuse to accept even exist? Do we seek out answers that will have to go beyond our beliefs and explanations?

Robert W. Morgan was confronted by these things. But instead of denying what he saw, he sought the answers. Soul Snatchers is his journey, and autobiography of his search for the explanations. Maybe the journey was just as important as the answers he was seeking? The search did not lead him in the direction he thought he was going, but instead told him more about himself and mankind. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going?

I met Robert Morgan approximately seven years ago through his own, home-made photo gallery on the internet. I found someone who was much like myself, who sought out the truth whatever the results were. Robert and I shared similar, parallel lives and have lived in the same places but never met. We both went into the Florida Everglades, scrambled around the rocky hills of the Dragoon Mountains in Arizona before going to the town of Tombstone to cool off. We both broke away from the tour groups in Vienna, Austria, to explore the streets around St. Stephen's Cathedral. So many similarities that are more than mere coincidences. Is there something that has brought us together? Are there soul clans who follow similar paths? I think that Soul Snatchers will raise questions within yourself as well. Whichever, it is an interesting ride!

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