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Thank you to everyone sending their kind words, prayers, visits, and calls. My Mother, Linda Everett Kimball, passed away on the night of the 24th, a few hours after my last journal entry. I was driving up to there at the time. She was surrounded by family, at home, and went very peacefully and very quickly, the way she wanted too. She was ready for the journey. I am busy doing the funeral arrangements. Before she passed away, my Mom received the "Woman of the Year" award from the church. It is a large church in the community and she was loved by many.

At my parent's church they have had others who passed away recently, too. I was saddened to find out yesterday that Gwen Layman has passed away, too. I know their family real well from scouts.

Their son Chris Layman and I shared a tent at Camp Daniel Boone, 30 years ago this summer--so there was Chris & Chris in the same tent. The same thing happened more than once to me. Something I always thought odd about scouts is that they always paired me up in the tent with someone else named Chris. Then there is my twin sister Christine who once brought over her friend Chris who has the same birthday, and we shared a cake that said on it, "Happy Birthday to the 3 Chris'."

The father Bob Layman is one of the funniest people I know.

So with my Mom passing we are seeing friends and family from the past, and remembering fond times.
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