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Back in the Hammock

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I am back in the hammock. No, not the net thing suspended between two trees, but a tropical hardwood forest in south Florida.

I spent two weeks up at my parents house. Two months ago my Mom had a stroke, and then four days later my Dad fell down and ended up in the hospital as well. They have been in and out of the hospital, the nursing home, and are now both back at their home. My Dad has parkinsons disease, and my Mom is now at home care under hospice. Family and friends are both helping them out right now, but for a while it was just me. It has certainly been an education about taking care of elderly folks; cleaning and dressing them, and having your whole day watching over them.

Mom and Dad said they took care of me when I was little, now I am doing the same for them. The difference is that I was only 3.5 lbs when I was born, not 120-180 lbs and up to 6-ft tall.

Watch out who you hire for home health care and screen them very thoroughly. My parents hired a lady for home health care from the church, who turned out the be a total fraud who misrepresented herself and had no medical training. It was evident from the very beginning by her behavior and poor judgment that she did not know what she was doing. Her gross negligence came to a head on Friday morning when she turned off my Mom's oxygen and then left for the store. Firing that witch was a pleasure, because she did several things that could have been fatal for my Mom. We are convinced that she was trying to kill my Mom.

Sorry for the bad news, but things are looking better now. Several of my relatives are staying with my parents and are in the process of hiring someone who has real nursing experience.

On another very good note, I just found out that my long-time friend Jurian Wolfe got married. Not only that, but at Leu Gardens in Orlando, one of the best classical wedding spots in central Florida. Now I know what has been keeping him busy these days!
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