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Happy Mother's Day, and Squirrel update

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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I have been dealing with the situation at my parent’s house for the past month, so today I really think about the good times I have had with them and really appreciate everything they have done. My sister and I will have a small Mom’s day celebration with Mom in the hospital today. Dad has recovered remarkably fast, and I was the one falling asleep at the house yesterday while he was working on other things. He even walks faster than me.

I will be back home tonight. My little flying squirrel “Stubby” will probably be anxious to have his quality time with me again. Last time I was gone, he was so anxious to get out of the cage that he was climbing upside down on the top of the cage, which is difficult for a three-legged squirrel. Michelle took great care of him and even cleaned his cage, but I guess I am the daddy. Here is a very funny photo that Michelle took before she cleaned his cage, of him peaking out of his nesting box. He certainly has personality.

Last November I took him up with me when I was gone for a week at my parents, he was a little traumatized by the long road trip. I stopped on the way back for lunch on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, when he came out of his box to look around. He looked very panicked, which was probably because he didn’t see any trees.

Last week I had him outside the cage for a little socializing and to exercise and run around. I usually like to keep an eye on him and watch what he is doing, but this time he got out of my sight and disappeared. But when that happens, there is no need to worry, because we have found from experience that the little flyers will make their way back to their nest, where food and water are nearby. And about 20 minutes later, that is where I found him, almost all the way back to his cage. He looked pretty tired from the adventure running around the house, and went back in his box to rest as soon as I put him back in the cage. It looked like he was saying, “That’s enough exploring for tonight!”
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