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It's been a hard month!

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Well after my Mom had a stroke on the 15th, my Dad fell down and was on the floor for over 12 hours the next Friday night. So they both ended up in the hospital, and I have been back at their home helping them out while they are recovering. The physical therapy is not over, and Mom is still in the hospital, but they are both doing much better. I came back down to south Florida today, and my sister is there with them now.

I have a very healthy respect for all those who are in the healthcare industry. Most everyone at the hospital was courteous and listened to our concerns. For a while, both my parents looked like they weren't going to make it, but are doing much better now.

I even ran into a few folks from back when I was a kid, so it was good seeing some old friends.

When I got home, my little flying squirrel was so happy to see me that he was doing flips and climbing upside down on the cage. Michelle even cleaned his cage while I was gone, so he was in good hands.
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On May 3rd, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC), seminolewar commented:
Re: Your parents
(Is that you, Billie? The reply function doesn't include a name/signature box so it keeps me guessing.)
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