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Well it has been a couple of weeks since I lasted posted, so here is an update. I have a few more photos of the flying squirrel, and when I can get them downloaded, I will post one or two here.

I was out of town in training the last few days, and got home Wednesday night. The squirrel was so eager to get out of his cage that he was running around on the floor as soon as I opened the top of the cage. He seemed a little pissed off at me that I disappeared for a few days and didn't let him out to play. He has a pretty big cage to stay in, and I put in some branches to climb on and give it a more woodsy atmosphere. He has been stashing food in the branches that I put in his cage.

Today is my only weekend off during the month. They are having archaeology day at the Collier County Museum, so I will stop by there in a little bit. Mike Manzano stopped by last night, and I got him hooked up onto the yahoo groups for Seminole War and Southeastern Culture. I think yahoo doesn't like aol, and kept bouncing him, so I had him create a yahoo account and settle that.
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