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Another Youtube

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Okay, my bad. I didn't talk about my trip to Palatka yesterday as promised. I am sure everyone is really disappointed. I'm up early because my poor little flying squirrel Stubby is having seizures again. My Dad talked with Bill Goss, flying squirrel expert who lives in Jacksonville. Apparently there is not anything I can do. He is a handicap three-legged squirrel to begin with, and has health issues. I does distress me a lot to see my little buddy in pain. He doesn't eat anything when it happens, but tomorrow will be pretty much back to normal and climbing over everything in the cage, and stashing the food in his nesting box again. If I get the job in Palatka, I will be back in flying squirrel country, where he can hear the other flyers at night chirping in the trees. There aren't flying squirrels down here in the Everglades. And if I am up in NE Fla., I am not far from Bill Goss.

Anyway, onto a lighter note. Surfing the net looking up Seminole War stuff, which I do on occasion. I shouldn't really do that, because nothing will compare to what I have posted on the war in the past. And if I move up to Palatka, you will see a serious effort by myself to publish things to set them straight about the history up there. Alachua County publishes a book on the county history, with only 3 pages on the 2SW, and most of it not pertaining to what happened in the county. Which I think was a real travesty, because more soldiers were killed in Alachua County, and probably more battles, than any other county. At the time, Micanopy would have had the cemetery with the largest number of military burials, second to St. Augustine.

Anyway, enough of Alachua. As I was saying, I was on Youtube searching for Seminole War videos, and found this:

It's not daylight yet, I had nothing else to do, and am not sure why I watched it. Probably for the entertainment value. Okay, I'll admit that it was a hoot. Yes, it is kids playing paintball in the snow. Definitely not the Everglades. And the only place that I have been that looks similar to that terrain is the Ardennes in Belgium. But at the end they flashed a quick list of the facts of the war, and got it "spot on!" That is an example of their interpretation of the history. They related it to how they could understand it. One of the basics of interpretation is reaching to the audience in a way that connects with them. These kids are interpreting history as they understand it. It's playing in the snow, but in the end they got their facts straight. That's better than Alachua County did.
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On April 3rd, 2008 04:44 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
you were right...
they did do a good job with the history at the end. makes me want to do some form of short film with re-enactors all the more! and yes, i imagine alachua county probably does have a few things wrong. Ocala has not had their history book updated for some time either! so here;s what we do - we get together and write a decent book for both or covering both! i have been wanting to update Ocali Country for some time now, i have just needed the spark to get me moving. perhaps with both of us writing and researching we could get something for both! i have been playing with the idea of maybe drawing a couple of scenes or events in comic book form as well from the Florida Wars. but i am no good at writing something in the script form i would need to do the drawings.
i hope you do get the position in Palatka! that would be very cool!
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On April 3rd, 2008 10:28 am (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: you were right...
Work on finishing your edjumakashun first, but hang onto any notes you get along the way. Once you have the history degree, it should be easier to get published.

I talked with Robert Morgan last night, who is getting ready to have his book Soul Snatchers published later this year. (September maybe?) His publisher is seriously interested if your Dad and I get together and talk about some of our odd experiences following the path along the Seminole ways. I'll take to your Dad about this.

The publisher is Pine Winds press, and they publish a lot of books on health, self-fullfillment, and some paranormal stuff. I said I have never really written it down before, and don't know how I could, but I would be interested.


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On April 4th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC), connor_campbell replied:
Re: you were right...
i don't know if i would want to be associated with something like that. too many tend to not take those things seriously. not to mention i wouldn't want to be connected to something like new age type publications. the problem with the self-fulfillment and paranormal things attract too many that do not have a very firm grip on reality. also, i always wonder where to draw the line of what is open for public consumption and what is "tribe only". there are some things that just should not or are not to be shared.

as for getting published, there are several small-scale options around Marion County that are available. the question is cost. and despite the fact that i am working towards one, i have never thought that much of degrees. after all, i have 98.6 of them. all B.S.! i have never seen them as more than a piece of paper on the wall, sort of the high-brow version of "been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it". i've run into too many people who are obsessed with their pretty little papers and the alphabet soup after their names. (and insist on throwing them in other's faces)

but then, i am also tired at the moment, and have had a bad night at work, and i have lots o work to get done before the morning. so perhaps i should not make any decisions or statements at the moment, lest i have to eat them later...
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