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Otter Mound Marco Island

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I did another video, and this time of the Otter Mound on Marco Island. If you don't know where the park is, you will not be able to find it on your own because there are no signs directing you to it, and it is down a maze of streets past some million-dollar mansions.

I found out about it last year when they had the official opening. To get there, go south on South Barfield Drive almost to the end. Take a left on Ludlow, then a right on Inlet Street, and a left again on Addison St.

There are two parking spaces at the front of the entrance. And what surprises me the most is that the interpretive signs have not been vandalized. Maybe the local kids don't even know how to get there.

The mound is not named after the furry animal, but after Ernest Otter, who built a house there about 100 years ago. He terraced the sides of the mound with conch shells. The house burned down in the late 1970s, but his outhouse remains. I am somewhat insulted by the presence of the outhouse on a Calusa Indian mound. If they want to keep it, it should be moved to the new Marco Island historical museum that they are building.

And speaking of outhouses, I have a somewhat crappy video of the mound.

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