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Earl says that Fort Cooper went well, although the cannon did not show for the first battle. Live and learn for next year. The crowd was bigger this year. Jeremy showed up. Ticks were bad.

At Gamble Plantation, I was going to do safety with the cannon crew there, but they didn't show up either. So here is myself and Miss Ranger Michelle O'Hare wandering around doing a little interp.

This was our annual volunteer appreciation weekend, although many of our volunteers are already heading north. In a couple weeks, the rest will hit the road. Sad to see them go after a few months, but we will see them again next year.

The camping reservation system is back on line and taking reservations.

Today I uploaded a short video of my flying squirrel on YouTube. This was more of a test to see what my little digital Sony does.

Next week I have a job interview for a park in northern Florida, so Stubby my flying squirrel will have to be alone for a couple days. He does alright, but I miss letting him out of the cage each evening for playtime. It is too long of a trip and he won't like the long drive. Last November when I took him with me for Thanksgiving at my parents, he didn't like the 5-hour, one-way ride. He came out of his box and looked around when I stopped for lunch at Lake Okeechobee. He seemed to panic a little when he didn't see any trees nearby around the big O. "Holy squeak, where did all the trees go?!"

Stubby's cage sits by the biggest window in the house so he gets a good view of the yard if he wants too. It is a beautiful view of the hammock.
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