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Seminole War Videos on Youtube

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Apparently there is some talk about a movie project underway. I think it is for the Tampa history center. They are filming DeSoto and Ponce de Leon, and now talking about the Seminole War. Problem is that they can't get anyone for the Seminole War segments. Neither soldiers nor Seminoles. David Southall said that if they film down here in Collier County, we can take them out in the pine flatwoods for some good location filming, and he can get some soldiers, and I can ask Brian or Moses if any of the Seminoles would want to participate. After working in the park this past evening, I have decided that the mosquitoes are getting too bad in the park to do any filming until next winter. The mosquitoes are coming back this year after a two year break with a vengeance.

Speaking of films, there are some other people who have posted some home movies on Youtube. I was going to comment on all of them (there are not too many.) But instead, just post the links to the best ones.

Unfortunately from my perspective watching these videos, most of the reenactments look silly. Sorry folks, I know some reenactors may feel offended, but it looks too much like cowboys and Indians. This is why in the future I am thinking of sticking to more interpretive events. Or if there is a battle, a better organized battle like the 1812 Grand Tactical.

This first Video on Youtube is by my friends who used to publish the Florida Frontier Gazette. Not much narration, but a good slide show of Fort Foster with some nice period music. I think this was the first one done by Elizabeth and Herman, and more of a test of what they can do. Hopefully they will want to continue with more, and with some narration. I would really be interested in participating with them on this.

There is a Youtube video from our event at Big Cypress Reservation from February 2008. It was posted with credit given to WGCU, the PBS station out of Fort Myers & Naples. I recognize many of the people shown, on both sides. This video looks more like having fun with large explosions. So it is basically playing cowboys & Indians. I am not going to bother posting the link because it really doesn't offer much.

As well as another video from the Okeechobee Battle reenactment in February 2008. Unfortunately it is nothing close to what happened at the real battle, which had 1,100 soldiers and 400-500 Indians. I am really not in favor of doing a battle reenactment if it cannot appear anything close to what happened at the actual event. Not only does this show only 6-8 people on each side, the battle tactics are nothing close to what happened at the real battle. I don't plan on going to this event in the future if it looks the same way from this video.

Finally I get to a good one, here below. This was the Dade Battle Reenactment from last December 2007, our most recent event there. The quality is not very good and there is some strange edits at the beginning where parts are spliced together and babies gurgling in the background. But this is still the best & most authentic reenactment that we do and it shows here. Kent Low is doing the narration on the speakers for the audience that day (Saturday), and it comes through pretty good. And I recognized myself in there too, wearing my latest coat.

There is also a series of three videos from Dade Battlefield that was posted on Youtube a year ago, so it must be the December 2006 reenactment. And unfortunately most of the footage is after the battle has ended and it is pretty much over. Only the first part (27 seconds) of this three- part series is worth watching. Forget the other parts. So it is not worth posting here. Just search on Dade Battle.

I don't have the equipment for making any Youtube videos. I am a little behind on technology upgrades from my personal life. I held out for years until I finally got a cell phone. But if I did get the stuff to make a Youtube video, you can believe it that I would be going around making short documents like crazy.
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On March 8th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
you probably didn't see much of me during the battle at big cypress, but i had my camera out trying to get some good shots. i am going to start collecting more videos as i can, even if it is just a little digital still intended not intended for video. i can get some fairly long clips with a big enough memory card.

i would love to get a few re-enactors out to the grahamville road in the ocala national forest near pat's island - there are some great locations for doing some good video - one spot in particular that would be good for the dade battle along an old road. actually, major churchhill's road that was blazed during the second seminole war runs right through the area, so it is really authentic!

i am going to start getting more clips and putting them together with stills and see if i can't get something short together. (though i was thinking of using some music from some "period" movies. very unoriginal, but i really want to get a scene with some of the seminole warriors running through the woods with the "last of the mohicans" soundtrack in the background. so in battle, you may see me trying to sneak the camera up next to the gun to get a good shot. (actually, i got what would have been a great picture with my gun barrel pointing at the soldiers at big cypress, but the audience was in the background)

i hope to get some good shots at one of the events coming up with multiple battles in one day, so i can get some decent shots but still get in the battle as well. so who knows, you might see something of mine show up soon!
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On March 8th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Cool; I'll check it out. I just noticed that you have them in the photobucket. I will take a look this evening when I am back at the cabin.
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On March 9th, 2008 05:05 am (UTC), connor_campbell replied:
Re: videos
yeah, photobucket is free and fairly user friendly. you can make the albums private, which mine were up to last weekend, but i got tired having to hand out a password to everyone. so i checked all the sub albums for stuff i wouldn't want anyone to see and opened them.
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On March 9th, 2008 12:04 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: videos
I didn't check them out yet. I was updating myself on youtube last night with the latest Dr. Who. Saw the entire Christmas special and "Time Crash."
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On March 9th, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC), connor_campbell replied:
Re: videos
yeah, i am missing Dr. Who and Torchwood something fierce! but all of my spots to find them have dried up, and the local network is set against them anyway...quite frustrating.
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On March 9th, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: videos
Seems that we will have to rely on Youtube until the dvd's come out. Dr. Who's 4th season apparently isn't due to start until April.
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