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Big Cypress Shootout

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Well we had another successful reenactment at the Seminole Reservation. This has to be the most unique historical reenactment that I know of. Where else does this happen? I am always beside myself that we are invited to an Indian Reservation to dress up as their ancestors, and hold a battle reenactment on tribal land. That thought alone really humbles me.

Another unique thing that happens there and nowhere else, is that we can talk with the Seminole people about things that we are unable to talk with non-Native people about. When you take up the culture and persona of a person of the past, and adopt the Seminole culture as your own, you must be prepared to open your mind to concepts and things that the western world will not accept. We find ourselves exposed experience things that can only be explained by Seminole traditional wisdom and beliefs. We start to have things happen to us that make us become aware of the Little People or the wild but benevolent Forest Giant People. Ghosts and speaking with birds become not a thing of fables, but a reality. It is such a relief and such a joy to be able to discuss these things among people who will totally understand what we are talking about.

These things alone make the weekend totally worth it. Anything else that I could tell about the weekend would not be as significant to me.

Other than that, we had some awesome battle reenactments, great food (Buffalo burgers and Seminole smoothies!) and a damn good festival. One thing that really sticks out to me is the color that is all around.

There were a few negatives, like having to walk so far to the port-a-potty. And it was pretty hot out.

Thanks to Ed Wood for having another good festival. Unfortunately I did not get any good photos.

On a side trip, I visited the museum on Saturday. We saw the famous portrait of Micanopy, a painting of General Gaines (as a Colonel) from 1812/1st Seminole War. A pair of woven garters from 1830s/50s, and a beaded bag that probably dates from the 1820s. If you haven't seen the Osceola exhibit in the main gallery, do so immediately!
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