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Weather Changes

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Last fall during a meeting of local agencies in south Florida who conduct prescribed burning was one of the meteorologists from the National Weather Service in Miami. This guy is one of the best, and has created some very accurate computer models for forecasts. So much so that some of the folks in Highlands county sometimes request forecasts from the Miami station rather than Tampa.

Anyway, this guy's predictions back then were that el nino in the Pacific would make this winter warmer and wetter. Well we have had the warmer, and now we are getting the wetter.

First we have not had any significant rain in 6 months until we got 5 inches here last week. Now we are getting more today. It is only 7:30 in the morning and we are getting some steady showers. Hopefully it won't swamp out the camping area for the Swamp Safari Shootout this weekend.

Temperatures during the day have been in the mid to upper 80s. Campers and volunteers are complaining, so I expect them to head north soon. Last year at this time we actually had frost, and I don't expect to see any of that the remainder of the season. Mosquitoes are starting to show up as well.

Goodbye winter, hello summer. Spring doesn't really happen much, but we usually go into full-fledged summer rather quickly.
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