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Bluegrass Festival

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Our park had its annual festival this weekend. Actually it continues today, and I will have the late shift. This year it has been a bluegrass festival, and has been a great success. The headliners have been the Fleas, Flat Mountain String Band, and the very popular The Doerfel Family, which consists of about 10 musically talented blond and red-headed kids. They have become a huge success.

After the Doerfels performed Saturday evening, one of their younger kids about age 8, maybe younger, was playing the spoons in the picnic area. I wonder if we can get them interested in doing living history? Some of the best events I have been at for living history with the 7th infantry involved singing and period instruments after the crowd left. Alan Selge is really tallented playing the spoons or bones.

Below: 7th Infantry at the 1812 Grand Tactical, 2006. Relaxing in the evening after an afternoon of battle.

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