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Crystal River

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On February 9th, 1837 was another battle along the Crystal River. Lt Col Foster was the commanding officer, but was actually not at the battle because he was directing two different forces along the river. You can read his report in his journal that has been published by the Seminole Wars Foundation.

Basically what was involved was a naval/army force in boats travelling up the river, and an army land force going down along the side of the river, coming from the other direction. They came upon a large village, and were fired upon, and pursued the Seminoles for about a mile and a half until the Seminoles disappeared. That seems to be the main jist of the battle that I have gotten from Foster's journal.

Last week I did an internet program with Robert W. Morgan. (You can find the AARF shows from the webpage at http://www.trueseekers.org .) We were talking about Native American issues. Unfortunately whenever we are talking about Native Americans, some idiot has to call up and talk about drunk Indians. This guy Doug Tarrant from Nevada called up at told about how he use to hunt around Monroe Station and they would always have guns in case some drunk Indians wandered into camp. Well Doug is not allowed to call the program again. It is sad that he has so much of a sterotype about Native Americans.

Well Robert Morgan knows those same Indians (Miccosukee) and was in the same area in the 1970s. My friend Earl also know the same ones, and knew many of the Tiger and Osceola families from his Silver Springs days back in the 1950s & 60s. So they know these same Indians and the same area. I never heard of Robert or Earl talk about any drunk Indians.

I have known lots of Seminoles and Miccosukee, and none of them are drunks. I work at a campground on the same highway, and I have never seen a drunk Indian. Although we do have a lot of problems with drunk white trash. Maybe Doug was confused and thinking of them instead.
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