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Word is that Okeechobee went well and there was a good crowd there. Seminoles and Soldiers were few, but that can be explained for numerous reasons. It's good to hear that it went well.

The third and last Seminole War event that I will be at this year will be at the end of the month at Big Cypress Shootout, and only Friday and Saturday at that. I missed the school day last year, but am glad I can come this time. I wish that I could stay for Sunday, but they need me to work back at the park.

February 8th, 1837 was the anniversary of the Battle at Lake Monroe. Seminoles involved were Coacoochee/Wildcat, his father King Philip, and Abiaka. A very large Seminole/Miccosukee force was involved, and since Abiaka (Sam Jones) was there, then it was a major attempt at routing the troops in the encampment. It failed because Captain Mellon (only soldier killed) had his men sleep with their arms ready. Grapeshot from the artillery on the boat on Lake Monroe caused high casualties among the Seminoles. Reading over the battle again from various sources, I would have to say it was a major defeat for the Seminole forces. If it had happened earlier in the war, they might have surprised the military force, but the troops were more experienced by this time. Capt Mellon was buried in the fort and the camp was named in his honor, which came to be known as Fort Mellon. A town grew up around it known as Mellonville, and renamed later Sanford later on.

Where the fort once stood is now pretty much washed into Lake Monroe. The former parade ground of the fort is now soccer fields in the park, and on the back side (or the side closer to downtown) is the Sanford Historical Museum.

Right now in the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, you can see a buckskin coat that Osceola wore during a visit to Fort Mellon later in the year. Captain Vinton was also stationed there and did several sketches and a painting of Osceola. (One of the small sketches is also currently on display at Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki.)
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