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I was gone Monday & Tuesday up in north Florida. I had a job interview at a park up there. Their busy/slow season is completely opposite as here, because I was able to camp at O'Leno with no other people within sight. There were people there, but I didn't see them unless I went to walk over to the restroom. Ticks are common in warmer months, but I didn't pick up any this time. At night I heard owls and flying squirrels; two of my favorite night-time critters. During the day I saw deer and wild turkeys.

Coming up there I saw the museum of natural history in Gainesville. A lot of neat stuff on Seminoles. Too bad I have to go up there to see archaeological items from Marco Island, Pine Island, and Fort Center, which are all down here.

Still haven't downloaded the photos from the camera, but will post any interesting ones here.

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