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Quick Update

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The squirrel is making an amazing recovery. I was up most of the night on Friday after a drunk wandered in the yard and woke me up. So after I chased him out and called the sheriff, the adrenalin had me up the rest of the night. I spent time organizing my Seminole war book collection. The flying squirrel came out of his cage, was very squirmy, and was climbing all over me including on my head and in my hair.

For all those who have called and asked me if I was going to Okeechobee, I guess by now you know the answer is negative. I had to work instead. When we finally received word about the event at Dade Battlefield a month ago, my schedule was already made up. I have to plan at least 3 months in advance because of the park schedule.

Speaking of the park, we are full. I wish that I was at Okeechobee.

The next event that I will be at will be at the Big Cypress Shootout at the end of the month, but only Friday and Saturday. Once again, work schedule makes me work on Sunday. It is the busy season in the park, and we are too short of people and very overloaded with campers. This past week we had no less than three water line breaks, a sewer line break that was buried about six feet under the ground, and several electrical boxes for RV's that needed the circuit breakers replaced. So I need to be in the park and I will get no support or sympathy from anyone if I am gone.

If someone lets me know how Okeechobee went, it would be greatly appreciated. It had the appearance of an event that was not well planned, nor had the interests of the reenactors concerned. And it seemed as if the very last thing that they did was invite the reenactors, with only a month before the event, which I felt was poor planning. In the past it failed on promises to provide meals or lodging for the folks, so I was not interested in going this time. I hope that it turned out well for those who were able to make it on such short notice.
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