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One Step Forward, two steps back...

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It seems that my job of educating the public about the Second Seminole War and to reduce misconceptions and myths about the time has more fertile ground to cover than ever before.

First, I found that my website is not linked to any search engines. My new url for my website is www.southernhistory.us .

I hope to add more things to the website outside of Florida. For example, I just found Mark Anthony Cooper's grave site! He played an important part with the Georgia militia during the war, was in the state legislature, went on to become a congressman, and failed to get elected governor of Georgia. He established an iron foundry which became an import iron works for the Confederacy.

Second, I continue to see people spout misconceptions and outright historical inaccuracies. I was reading the latest copy of "The Seminole Tribune" newspaper tonight. They had the winners of the Osceola essay contest for the museum's new exhibit opening in a few hours on the famous Seminole warrior Osceola.

One of the winning essays said that Coacoochee was persuaded by General Jesup to betray Osceola. Okay, I am not all that bothered that the story of the knife in the treaty has no historical basis--it has become such an item of folklore that has been around for over 100 years. But having Coacoochee become a Judas who betrayed Osceola has really gotten my broadcloth in a knot.

I guess Charles Schultz & Art Linkletter said it with, "kids say the darndest things." Arghhh; am I showing my age?!

Yes, I know, it is just kids and their essays. But they are getting their information from somewhere. Kids are just saying stuff that they read, and through their eyes. Garbage in, garbage out. Maybe they are reading the inaccurate timeline that says Osceola slays the Indian Agent Major Francis Dade at the battle of the Withlacoochee.

Oh well; job security.

No wait, this isn't a job because I haven't yet found a way for it to pay me anything yet.
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