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Fire Warning

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For everyone who wasn't aware, we are going to be under a serious fire ban this year. Forestry is already predicting that this year's fire season will be worse than last year. This affects all of us doing events and reenactments this season. Do not feel offended if you are at a state park and they do not let you build a campfire.

Last year we were already fighting wildfires in March, and by May was some of the biggest wildfires in years, in the Okefenokee / Columbia County area, and on the opposite side of the state in Collier County / Big Cypress.

If anyone is going to Westville, you know how dry Georgia has been if you are watching the news. It would be very prudent to not have any fires there if possible. They feed you enough at Westville, so there is really no need for fires.

Any other events in the state; don't be surprised if there is a burn ban and we can't have fires. We almost had a burn ban at Dade Battlefield this year, if it hadn't rained 2.5 inches the week before.

So just stay alert to wildfires and even consider going without a fire this year.

If you want to look up the current drought index: http://flame.fl-dof.com/fire_weather/KBDI/index.html

For some reason, the panhandle west of the Apalachicola River is damp and not under a drought. The rest of the state, the peninsula and south Florida, watch out!

If the drought index is over 400, then warning. If it is over 500, it can mean a possible burn ban and very good conditions exist for a wildfire.
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