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Seminole Exhibit

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The Florida Museum of History in downtown Tallahassee has an exhibit on Seminoles that will last until June. It is a truly spectacular exhibit with items borrowed from museums around the country. And not only that, but the catalog is only $10. I would have brought more than one if I hadn't blown my budget on books in the museum store.

If you like postcards of Seminoles, this museum has them blown up to life-size proportions. So it is well worth the visit up to the panhandle to see the exhibit.

As you will see, I tested out my new digital camera in the museum. These are all non-flash photos without a tripod, so some are shaky. If you don't like the quality of the photos, then go see the museum yourself! It is more than worth the visit!

How about this beaded finger-woven sash?

This is an early 1900s bigshirt before the patchwork took over starting in the 1920s.

Here is almost a full outfit.

One thing this exhibit really blew me away was the number of either men's great coats or women's clothing. This is my favorite woman's dress in the exhibit because of the colors and coin pendants.

And a short sleeve man's coat.

This bigshirt belonged to Charlie Cypress. In older age, he wore shirts that were completely white.

And in the large display case of Seminole patchwork clothing, was three shirts from circa 1930-1935. That was a brief period in history when the bottom of the shirt was plain material with no patchwork. This was so they could tuck the bottom in trousers without the big bulge of material. Soon after they did away with the bottom of the shirt altogether. This style is very rare, and having just one example is an accomplishment by itself, and here are three.

And one of the most colorful sets of men and women's clothing:

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